Funeral of Nagel 1%er . AOA Esslingen , Germany
Tribute to Ike 1%er ,  AOA Stuttgart ,Germany
Funeral of Carl 1%er . AOA Leicestershire ,England & AOA Bangkok , Thailand
 Funeral of Mitts 1%er ,  AOA The Zoo Chapter , Canada
Funeral of Krusty 1%er . AOA East London  England
 Funeral of Fred 1%er , Belgium
Funeral of Taff 1%er . AOA  North Wales
 Funeral of Vinny 1%er , AOA Toronto , Canada
Tribute to the Brothers GBNF in AOA Philippines
In memory of Joe 1%er Main Tauber Germany

In memory of Biggie 1%er AOA Vilvoorde,  Belgium

AOA Australia Brothers on memorial ride for Brothers GBNF in Victoria .
Tibute to Brothers GBNF made and song written by Shannon 1%er AOA Philippines
Funeral of Carey 1%er – Leicestershire, England
Funeral of Stoffel 1%er – Area Northwest, Switzerland
Funeral of Troll 1%er – Ocala, Florida
2024 Memorial Run – Germany